Professional Training & Development Offerings

Bay Centre Coaching Group offers a wide variety of training topics which are categorized below:

Leadership Development

Leading from the Middle (Betsy Smith, PhD)

Most of us lead from the middle. Even CEO’s of major corporations have boards to which they report. Leading from the middle requires unique and distinct skills to lead up – leading the boss, leading across – influencing colleagues, and leading down – supervising subordinates.

Based on John Maxwell’s work, this interactive, fast paced, fun filled presentation will give participants real world techniques to improve their communication and leadership skills.

At the end of this presentation, participants will have two strategies to utilize in each of the following scenarios:
1. Telling the boss what he/she need to hear – not what they want to hear
2. Influencing colleagues
3. Giving constructive feedback to subordinates

Power Plays for Emerging Leaders (Betsy Smith, PhD)

Most of us lead from the middle. Even CEO’s of major corporations have boards to which they report. Leading from the middle requires unique and distinct skills to lead up – leading the boss, leading across – influencing colleagues, and leading down – supervising subordinates.

Based on John Maxwell’s work, this interactive, fast paced and fun filled presentation will give participants real world techniques to improve their communication and leadership skills.

At the end of this session, participants will have two strategies to utilize in each of the following scenarios:
1. Telling the boss what he/she need to hear – not what they want to hear
2. Influencing colleagues
3. Giving constructive feedback to subordinates

Personality Plus! (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Personality assessments are part of most hiring processes as well as for leadership development. While skills can be learned, personality can change only with specific assessment and intervention. In this workshop, participants will take a personality assessment, which will be debriefed in class. Participants will learn to use the information for leadership development and for employee evaluations. The presenter will demonstrate how to debrief these assessments, how to coach around them for development, and how to create clarity when there is pushback. This is an engaging and fun workshop for employees to learn more about themselves as they learn to help their direct reports.

Evaluations for Leadership Development (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Most evaluations center around skill, performance, and behavior. In this workshop, participants will learn to include leadership core competencies in the evaluations for the express purpose of developing leadership skills and competencies. This workshop will help leaders identify the core competencies expected for their direct reports and how to translate them into behavioral strategies for leadership development. This is a highly engaging and interactive workshop that leaders can take back into their workplace.

Coaching Skills for Leaders (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Wanda is a successful coach certification trainer who has helped many new coaches learn the art and science of coaching. She has created internal and external coaching programs for organizations. In this workshop, she will teach participants the coaching core competencies and how to apply them in the workplace.

Foundational Topics

What's the Difference Between Values & Ethics? (Charles Ryan, LMHC, PC)

When our values conflict with our workplace's ethics.

Claiming Your Value (Betsy Smith, PhD)

Great strides have been made in the numbers of women in business, but there is still much work to be done. Have you noticed that after a presentation, men ask all of the questions? Have you ever offered a recommendation at a meeting and been ignored? Do you start your conversation with “I may be wrong but….” Women are sometimes our own worst enemy. Too often we underplay our strengths, skills – and yes, our value. Betsy will teach strategies to gain power, to get recognition, and to get what you want.

Success Through Strengths (Betsy Smith, PhD)

Do you know your top 5 strengths? Are you playing to those strengths? Are your strengths being used in your position? The Gallup organization surveyed over 10 million people and discovered that only one third of those surveyed felt that they were able to use their strengths at work. People who use their strengths create success. In the Success Through Strengths Betsy explains how focusing on individual strengths and “what’s right with the organization” can boost your business.

It's About Time (Betsy Smith, PhD)

“Where did the time go? I just ran out of time. I didn’t have enough time to…”

These are phrases we all use, and every time we repeat them, our frustration increases.  Time management is a critical skill for busy professionals and in this presentation Betsy will teach her easy techniques to get control of your time and life.

In this presentation participants will learn:
•    Tips to increase productivity
•    Systems to implement to get control of the time
•    How to create time for things that matter

Netweaving: Networking with Heart (Betsy Smith, PhD)

Netweaving is a Golden Rule form of networking which focuses on helping others first, or at least putting other’s needs, problems and opportunities on a more equal plane of our own: doing so with the belief that eventually, what goes around comes around. Netweaving focuses on effectively building reciprocal business relationships that have far reaching potential. NetWeaving is a more relaxed approach and in NetWeaving there is no score keeping. Embrace NetWeaving and learn, step by step how to overcome the fear and loathing of networking and become successful at building relationships.

Entrepreneurship in the Workplace (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

As a long-time entrepreneur, Wanda teaches employees how to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities. Participants will learn to problem solve like an owner, identify innovative strategies, and create solutions outside of the box. Entrepreneurs in the workplace must be adaptable, learn new skills and strategies, and make an impact in others' lives. A great entrepreneur must be able to effectively communicate, sell themselves and their mission, focus, strategize and be committed to continuous learning. Participants will walk away knowing how to take ownership as an employee and leader.

Seeing What You Look For (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

In this workshop, participants will learn the 9 key distortions and biases that limit perception and communication. We will look at how the mind works and how it is hardwired to filter information based on preconceived notions and beliefs. Each participant will get a chance to understand their own filters around various categories of information. They will then participate in role playing and coaching to gain clarity about how to observe without judgment. This creates open communication, trust, and rapport.


Dealing with Difficult Relationships (Charles Ryan, LMHC, PC)

Whether it's a challenging work or personal relationship  this talk addresses the many ways we face conflict in our everyday world. Groups will learn to use their rational minds to address and resolve these interpersonal challenges. They will learn the difference in being assertive and aggressive, how to respond rather than react. Groups love this one. Full of techniques they can use  immediately with those around them.

The Drama Triangle (Charles Ryan, LMHC, PC)

What's a Victim? A Persecutor? A Rescuer? We have them all around us. At different times WE are ALL of them ourselves. This fascinating talk explains how these roles dictate our interactions with others and with ourselves. Based on Stephen Karpman's pioneering work. Groups love this information. A lot to take away and use to change our lives for the better.

How to Survive and Thrive in Critical Conversations (Senior Coaches)

A 'Critical Conversation' is defined as one where the stakes are high, the emotions are strong and opinions differ. Often these conversations are avoided because the individual does not have the skills to cope with the difficulties raised in these situations. In this workshop, participants will learn the 3 critical elements of a crucial conversation. Some case studies discussed include talking to co-workers who behave badly or are inappropriate, giving bosses feedback about their behavior, and approaching a supervisor about an ethical dilemma.  Participants will learn the Top 10 strategies for surviving and thriving in a critical conversation. 

Emotional Intelligence 

The Ins and Outs of Emotional Intelligence (Charles Ryan, LMHC, PC)

This is a very hot topic for all groups. What is EI? Can I increase my EI? What can I use it for? EI is all about understanding and controlling your own emotions. Once you can do that you can relate to others in a more appropriate manner. Groups will be able to come away from this absorbing talk using their EI to relate to others in a more healthy, productive manner. 

How Emotional Intelligence Empowers Women (Betsy Smith, Phd)

Making a mark in the business world is often not easy for some women. While everyone possesses the ability to harness and enhance their emotional intelligence, there is a long-lasting belief that women have it already. As this is a means of making a big impact on professional environments, women can use it to become successful and trusting leaders. Whether innately skilled or a learned skill, emotional intelligence can give an edge to women looking to get ahead in their careers.

Self-Awareness: If not me, then who? (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Mindfulness and self-awareness have been identified as critical skills and competencies in the workplace. They provide the foundation of social-emotional intelligence. In this workshop we will explore how to achieve self-awareness internally and with others in the workplace. Participants will be introduced to mindfulness techniques and will have a chance to practice. As a result of learning these skills, participants will deepen interpersonal relationships with themselves and others, develop clearer listening skills, and develop empathy. Participants will also learn the health benefits of applying these techniques.

Stress & Anxiety

Shutting Down from Stress & Anxiety (Charles Ryan, LMHC, PC)

This is a huge topic among work groups. Everyone can relate to this. We've arrived at a time where stress is accepted as a necessary part of our lives. While that is true, we can control the amount of stress in our lives. (No, really, we can.) Groups are able to use proven relaxation techniques to lessen their stress immediately. This is a real crowd pleaser and will make a difference at the workplace and at home.

Women in Leadership

Power Plays for Women (Betsy Smith, PhD)

The leader sets the culture for the organization. Extraordinary leaders exhibit the eight elements for leadership.
Communication, Ethics, Vision, Flexibility/Balance, Developing Others, Passion, Strategic Leadership, Attitude.


Communicating & Leading Across Generational Barriers (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

In this workshop participants will learn how to remove the communication barriers that result from generational differences in values and motivations. Participants will learn how to personalize their message using different types of communication. They will learn tips and strategies for each generation creating instant rapport, trust, and deeper levels of communication.

Say What you Mean: Communicating Effectively in the Workforce (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Effective communication occurs when a message is sent and received accurately. Quite often this does not happen. Employers who take the time and energy to create open lines of communication will quickly create trust among employees, resulting in improvements in productivity, performance, and overall morale. In this training, participants will learn how to say what they mean with clarity and heart. They will also learn to listen, not just hear. This workshop teaches a coach approach to communication that reduces conflict and increases diplomacy. Participants will participate in activities and role playing to deepen their skills.

The Power of Influence (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Influence is the ability to have a positive impact on the decisions, actions, and opinions of others. It means persuading and motivating employees to willingly take action. The challenge that we explore in this workshop is how to handle the challenge of achieving goals when they require support, buy-in, and agreement of others when there is no implied authority. Participants will learn how to observe, pick up on clues about values, and design a communication strategy that creates buy-in. The power of influence rather than the influence of power is a key to effective employee communication and successful leadership.

Assessment-based Learning

Performance-based Learning (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Assessments provide self-reported data that provides unique and valuable insight into employees: their performance, their personality, and the perception of others that impacts their relationship management and productivity. Using a coach approach, Wanda informs participants about how to use assessment data to create clarity, self-awareness, and a plan for development. Assessments identify strengths, challenges, and gaps in skills, habits, and knowledge. This workshop includes the opportunity for participants to take self-assessments and then practice coaching skills to debrief other participants.

Teams and Team Building

Storming and Norming: Team Building (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Participants will learn the stages that all teams go through throughout the life cycle of the team. This workshop covers team communication and work flow, team member relationships, cohesiveness and unity, trust and respect, cross-functional alignment, goal and direction clarity, processes and systems, team culture and community, problem solving and decision making, and efficiency and focus. Participants will analyze any teams that they participate in and teams that they need to build. This workshop offers strategies, activities, and tips for creating high performing teams.

Change Management

Nothing Changes but the Changes (Wanda Taylor, MCC)

Participants will learn actionable tools for leading change. They will also learn the psychology behind change and how to facilitate an easier change transition. This training topic is even more vital today as organizations and industries have been disrupted with Covid-19. In this workshop, participants will explore the current changes they are experiencing, how to lead their team through the changes, and how to turn change into opportunity.