Working in the Government Sector

The nature of government is changing. New challenges are surfacing everyday. These challenges include new levels of social media transparency. Additionally, managing and motivating employees in the age of generational differences requires a new understanding of supporting different value systems. The Covid-19 epidemic has also uncovered gaps in leadership competencies and brought fiscal vulnerabilities. 

Top priorities in the government sector have shifted. Innovation and creativity are competency challenges that leaders were often not required to utilize. Rapid and evolving environments with constituencies presents real and present difficulties.  

"A recent study shows that leading employees is seen by coworkers as the most important competency for government leaders,  yet it is rated as 15th among the 16 competencies in terms of leadership effectiveness. (CCL Whitepaper) Other factors government leaders face is managing and leading change as well as creating cross-collaboration. Leading by vertical authority no longer works. This challenges and factors that government leaders face requires higher levels of leadership skills and a targeted approach to leadership development.

We help government agencies reassess their current leadership capacity as well as their current talent management. We create customized proposals that represent an organic and specific strategic plan based solely on the specific needs and initiatives required for our clients' success. We understand the government challenges and strengths. We understand what competencies leaders need in this sector. We hope that you will reach out and schedule your free discovery call. Please use the Contact Us form below.