Coaching for Your Industry

EAPs and EAP Management Groups

Whether you are an EAP vendor and management group, an organization with an EAP provider, or an EAP service provider, we provide programs and services to promote your success. We provide executive coaching to organizations, coach certification to service providers (LMT and LCSW) looking to add to their skill set, and a white label program that adds to EAP vendors' revenue sources. 


We understand the challenges that government agencies face. We understand the unique leadership competencies required to be an effective leader. We provide leadership programs and corporate services to help government agencies pivot in these challenging times.


Currently nonprofits are scrambling to provide overflow services in this time of Covid-19 disruption. Nonprofit organizations are scrambling to experiment with different services in order to survive. Donors and stakeholders are facing their own challenges, which creates difficulties for nonprofits. We understand how to help our nonprofits pivot in these mission-critical times.

For profits

Staying in business has become an even greater need in this pandemic world. Maintaining revenue streams, service delivery, and balancing safety in the workforce has created enormous difficulties for leaders and owners. The Bay Centre Group is a group of executive coaches with a background in entrepreneurship and business ownership. We understand our clients' needs and priorities as we have understood our own.


The education system is facing an enormous challenge today with the Covid crisis. Teachers, administration, and districts were unprepared for such crucial and disruptive changes. Infrastructure, revenue shortfalls, reallocation of funding, remote learning, and staff and parent stress have taxed a system already struggling to handle new challenges. At the Bay Centre Coaching Group we have coaches who have worked in and been part of the education system for over 30 years. We are uniquely positioned to assist schools, administrators, and staff with whatever needs they are currently facing. 

Support Consulting

Our support consulting packages include corporate coaching and consulting services such as strategic planning, board development, customized employee satisfaction and engagement surveys, customized 360s, customized training curriculum, and more.