EAP Services

"Data from before and after the Covid-19 pandemic clearly shows that when employers provide greater support to their employees, their employees are more successful." MetLife Employee Benefit Report.

There is a new work-life reality which shows little chance of going back to "normal" any time soon. Organizations are faced with situations they've not faced before while trying to navigate the new landscape. Remote working conditions have created both opportunities and challenges. Little is known about the long-term effects of social isolation, work-life balance, remote learning for kids, generalized stress, and financial stress. There has never been a more important time to support employees and the organizations they work for.

But, what does this support look like? Current EAP wellness models suggest that employees are in need of professional coaching to handle day-to-day situations before they rise to the level of needing mental health support. Certified life and executive coaches are trained to assist employees in identifying their strengths, their challenges, and their resources so that they can execute a life plan that is then supported through coaching on a short-term basis. 

Our roster of certified professional coaches can offer your organization the services that your employees will feel comfortable engaging with.

And, if you are part of an EAP Management Group and offer EAP services to a group of organizations, we offer a "white label service" that you can embed into the organizations for an additional revenue stream. We certify licensed mental health counselors and licensed clinical social workers wishing to add to their scope of practice. Contact us to explore ways that we can support you as a management group.