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Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith, PhD

What do you get when you mix one part boundless energy, one part zest for life, and one part great sense of humor? Betsy Smith wearing her consultant, coach, speaker, or author hat - or all of them at once. When Betsy speaks, people do a whole lot more than just listen.

Betsy not only understands what people need to achieve short- and long-term success, her innovative and fun (yes, FUN) style motivates them to actually learn - and apply - those strategies.

During Betsy's 20-year tenure at Pensacola Junior College, she served as Dean, Provost, and Vice President, supervising over 250 employees, managing an $8 million budget, and producing and hosting a television show on the local PBS station. Accomplishments include: creating new programs to meet changing workforce needs; raising over $6 million in public and private funds for a state-of-the-art health science building; and spearheading a highly engaging customer service program.

"I develop leaders. Always have, always will." Betsy has taught leadership in the classroom, in workshops, and in one-on-one coaching. For almost 20 years, her full-time job was to hire, supervise, evaluate, terminate, and mentor current and emerging leaders. The keys to Betsy's success - and the success of those she leads - springs from how she handled each of these responsibilities.

"With hiring, Betsy found that critical success factors included: valuing a strong work ethic on par with other skills, building teams comprised of diverse individuals; and aligning and realigning employee strengths with each new assignment.


As a front-line supervisor and in her experience of coaching others to become effective supervisors, Betsy encouraged employees to think critically and to be decisive; viewed her employees and her bosses as heroes; and guided individuals and teams to problem solve versus solving their problems.


When it came to measuring, evaluating, and delivering feedback, Betsy: started by making her expectations clear; asked for, valued, and expressed appreciation for employee input; used 360-degree assessments to receive input about the employee from others; co-created developmental plans with that employee's involvement; regularly reviewed each plan, the employee's progress, and delivered feedback in a manner that motivated versus demotivated staff.


Betsy is also trained in facilitating critical conversations, including where termination is necessary. Her philosophy is to provide a private, safe environment from which an employee (or employees) can benefit and learn from whatever situation they are facing. 


Whether diving into supporting individuals or offering group training, or designing corporate leadership programs using a coach approach, Betsy brings a unique brand of knowledge, skills, and humor.