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We have never been faced with a greater opportunity than during this Covid crisis. Current conditions require organizations to re-think their core competencies, their strengths, their challenges, their cash flow, and, most of all, their leaders and staff. Innovation, creativity, and fiscal responsibility have shifted to the forefront as primary competencies. Organizations that utilize and value coaching are finding themselves re-aligning and accelerating through this crisis straight into strategic growth. Let us show you how we work with organizations like yours to focus on the right things at the right time to create the right results.


Bay Centre Coaching Group specializes in the industries listed below. If your service industry is not listed, please notify us. We are working to add more industry representation. Speak to one of our industry experts today.

EAPs and EAP Management Groups

There is a new work-life reality which shows little chance of going back to "normal" any time soon. Organizations are faced with situations they've not faced before while trying to navigate the new landscape. As current EAP providers, we understand the challenges that both organizations and EAP providers face. 

We work with EAP vendors, service providers, and EAP organizations.


Leaders in the public sector face different challenges than their private-sector counterparts. There are differences in leadership skills and competencies required for government leaders.No longer are they able to be risk-averse nor lead by vertical authority. There are real and noteworthy differences that must be addressed. Fostering innovation in an environment with complex regulations can be challenging. 


Nonprofit organizations continue to adjust their goals and priorities to meet changing demands.According to the University of Notre Dame, disruptive forces have created new challenges such as experimenting with different services, a demand for impact as it relates to how nonprofits measure success, and how to attract long-term investors as opposed to occasional donors.

For Profits

The American ideal of corporate ownership is being challenged in today's Covid-19 world like never before. Disruption prevails upon leaders and owners to think outside of the box. Creativity and innovation are competencies that now are required for survival. Balancing work priorities, building and leading a team, influencing, and leading through constant change are just a few of the challenges facing for profit organizations today.


The world is in a constant state of change and those who fail to adjust fall behind. Unfortunately, the American public education system is now facing some serious disruptions and challenges. Educational institutions are facing critical financial shortfalls, issues with public safety, lack of teacher innovation, critical shortage of teachers, and more.

Support Consulting

The Bay Centre Coaching Group provides organizational consulting upon request. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of corporate programs and services such as strategic planning, board development, customized employee satisfaction and employee surveys, emerging leader programs, evaluation process for leadership development and more.


"Wanda Taylor and the Bay Centre Group have provided coaching and leadership development services to the YMCA of Northwest Florida for over 6 years. We originally hired Wanda to assess our staffs' readiness for the growth that we were anticipating and, subsequently, experienced. After our initial engagement, I determined that her unique skills, talents, and services could assist us beyond the initial engagement. She worked with myself, key volunteers, and leadership staff to help develop a singularly focused vision and to help our organization be accountable in achieving the goals we established. During that process, I also decided that our leadership staff needed to develop a listen first, customer service strategy. Bay Centre trained our staff in the coach-approach to leadership and customer service, a key leadership competency we needed. Over the years, Bay Centre assisted us with strategic planning, board development, and the development of a customized Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey. Wanda is committed, flexible, creative, knowledgeable, practically innovative, and a master at coaching. She understands the needs of a non-profit and of our stakeholders. For several years our YMCA has been recognized by YUSA to be in the top 10% performing YMCAs in the nation. Without a doubt, Wanda and Bay Centre have been an integral part of us achieving that recognition. We consider Wanda and Bay Centre an extension of our staff and plan to continue to have her add value to our organization and our employees in the future, particularly in these challenging times."

Michael Bodenshausen, CEO
YMCA of Northwest Florida


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